Taco Bell Happy Hour On Weekends

Weekend Happiness: Enjoying Taco Bell’s Happy Hour Specials

As the workweek draws to a close, you look forward to the weekend and a chance to unwind. What better way to kick off your time off than by taking advantage of Taco Bell’s amazing happy hour specials? In this article, you’ll discover some of the delicious food and drink deals available at Taco Bell locations nationwide every Friday through Sunday. We’ll highlight menu items you can enjoy for a discount during designated hours, as well as ways to maximize the value of Taco Bell’s weekend promotions. With tips on timing your visits and ordering the tastiest happy hour foods, you’ll be ready to spice up your weekends with Taco Bell’s wallet-friendly offerings. Let’s explore how you can make the most of Taco Bell happy hours and turn the simple act of grabbing a bite into an exciting Friday or Saturday night out!


What Is Taco Bell’s Weekend Happy Hour?

Taco Bell Happy Hour On Weekends Taco Bell offers incredible deals during their weekend happy hour for customers to enjoy.Every Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm, Taco Bell locations feature discounted menu items so you can delight in their delicious fare without breaking the bank.### Drinks During the weekend happy hour, Taco Bell serves up $1 any size drinks including Baja Blast freeze, Mountain Dew, Pepsi soft drinks as well as iced tea.Quench your thirst with an ice cold beverage at a price that can’t be beat.


Tacos are a key part of Taco Bell’s menu and identity.On weekends,you have the opportunity to get three tacos – beef soft tacos, chicken soft tacos, or bean burritos – for only $2.At that price, you can afford to try one of each.The soft flour tortillas are filled with your choice of seasoned beef, shredded chicken or refried beans along with lettuce and cheese.Taco Bell Happy Hour On Weekends

Other Items

In addition to drinks and tacos, Taco Bell’s weekend happy hour features deals on quesadillas, nachos, Crunchwrap Supremes and more.A cheesy quesadilla or nachos supreme are perfect for sharing and available at a discounted price from 2 to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Taco Bell’s weekend happy hour allows customers to enjoy their favorite menu items at lower prices.With deals on everything from drinks and tacos to quesadillas and nachos, you can experience the delicious flavors of Taco Bell without overspending.So grab some friends or family and head to your nearest Taco Bell location on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to take advantage of the amazing happy hour specials.

Taco Bell Weekend Happy Hour Menu Details

Taco Bell’s Weekend Happy Hour features outstanding deals on some of their most popular menu items.### Delicious Tacos at Unbeatable Prices During Happy Hour, you can enjoy Taco Bell’s crunchy beef tacos and soft chicken tacos for only $1 each. Made with real ingredients and bold Mexican-inspired flavors, these tacos are a steal at this price.Taco Bell Happy Hour On Weekends


Quesadillas and Nachos to Share

Taco Bell’s Happy Hour menu also includes two shareable options perfect for enjoying with friends. Their beef quesadillas and cheesy nachos are only $3 each during Happy Hour. Melted cheese, hearty beans, and your choice of beef, chicken or steak — what more could you want in perfect bar fare?

Specialty Drinks

To complement your tacos and shareables, Taco Bell offers refreshing drinks for only $2 during Happy Hour. Choose from Mountain Dew Baja Blast, fruit punch, or Taco Bell’s own branded drinks like Sangrita Blast and Brisk Mango Fusion.

With amazing deals on tacos, quesadillas, nachos and drinks, Taco Bell’s Weekend Happy Hour is the perfect way to enjoy good food and good company without breaking the bank. Head to your nearest Taco Bell location any Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 2 pm and 5 pm to take advantage of these special offers. At these prices, Taco Bell’s Happy Hour simply can’t be beat for an easy, budget-friendly weekend dinner or snack.

Taco Bell Happy Hour Drink Specials

During Taco Bell’s happy hour on weekends, you can enjoy special discounted pricing on select beverages to complement your meal.### Frozen Drinks For a refreshing treat, consider Taco Bell’s frozen beverages like the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade or Mango Strawberry Frutista Freeze. Normally $2.49 each, these 16 ounce frozen delights are buy one get one free during happy hour, allowing you to try two flavors for the price of a single regular menu item.

Premium Hot Drinks

If you prefer a warm beverage, Taco Bell’s premium hot drinks such as the Cinnabon Delights Coffee, Mexican Hot Chocolate, or Skinny Vanilla Latte are also buy one get one free during weekend happy hour. Made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans and creamy milk, these handcrafted hot drinks provide a perfect accompaniment for your favorite Taco Bell entrees at half the regular cost.

Regular Sodas

For a classic refreshment, regular sodas like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Sierra Mist are available for just $1 each during Taco Bell’s weekend happy hour. While always an affordable option on Taco Bell’s regular menu at $1.99 per cup, the discounted happy hour pricing allows you to enjoy multiple refills for the same great value.

Taco Bell’s weekend happy hour specials on frozen drinks, premium hot beverages, and regular sodas provide the perfect complement to your meal at a fraction of the regular cost. Take advantage of the seasonal promotions and daily deals to maximize your savings and enjoyment at Taco Bell. The affordable specials on tasty drinks are one more reason why Taco Bell’s happy hour is an ideal time to satisfy your craving for Mexican-inspired fare.

When and Where to Enjoy Taco Bell’s Weekend Happy Hour

Friday and Saturday from 2pm to 5pm

Taco Bell offers happy hour specials on Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm at participating locations. During these hours, you can enjoy $1 beef soft tacos, $2 beef burritos, and $3 nachos bellgrande. These deals provide an opportunity to sample some of Taco Bell’s most popular menu items at a discounted price.

Dine-In or Drive-Thru

You have the option of enjoying Taco Bell’s happy hour specials either dining in at your local restaurant or using the drive-thru. The deals and discounts are available for customers whether eating on the premises or taking the food to-go. For the best experience, I would recommend dining in, as the food is best consumed hot and fresh. However, the drive-thru can be more convenient if you’re in a hurry or prefer to eat in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Participating Locations Only

Unfortunately, not all Taco Bell locations participate in the weekend happy hour specials. You will need to check with your local restaurant to confirm if they offer the Friday and Saturday deals between 2pm and 5pm. The majority of Taco Bell restaurants do run the promotion to draw in more customers during off-peak hours on the weekends, but there are some exceptions. It is best to call ahead or check Taco Bell’s mobile app to find happy hour specials at a restaurant near you.

In summary, Taco Bell’s weekend happy hour can be an affordable way to enjoy some delicious Tex-Mex fare. By taking advantage of the deals on beef soft tacos, burritos, and nachos, you’ll be able to sample popular menu items without breaking the bank. Just be sure to visit a participating Taco Bell restaurant on Friday or Saturday afternoon to partake in the specials. Whether eating in or taking your order to-go, Taco Bell’s happy hour should satisfy your craving for bold and flavorful fast food.

FAQs About Taco Bell’s Weekend Happy Hour Specials

What are the Happy Hour specials offered by Taco Bell on weekends?

Taco Bell offers several special deals on weekends during Happy Hour for customers to enjoy. Some of the notable offers include $1 beefy Fritos burritos, $1 spicy potato soft tacos, $2 triple double crunchwraps as well as $1 medium drinks. These deals provide an affordable way for customers to try some of Taco Bell’s popular menu items at a fraction of the regular price.

What time does the Happy Hour start and end?

Taco Bell’s Happy Hour specials are available on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm. The offers last for 3 hours, giving customers ample time to drop by, grab some snacks and drinks while enjoying the special deals. However, the offers are only valid for dine-in and take-out orders. Drive-thru orders are excluded from the promotions.


Are there any restrictions to the Happy Hour offers?

While the Happy Hour deals provide great value, there are a few restrictions to take note of:

  • The offers are not valid for delivery and drive-thru orders. Only dine-in and take-out orders are eligible.
  • No substitutions or modifications are allowed for the promotional items. They must be ordered as is.
  • The deals cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers.
  • Availability of offers may vary between locations. Check with your local Taco Bell for details.
  • Offers are subject to change without prior notice.

Taco Bell’s weekend Happy Hour is a great opportunity for customers to enjoy some tasty treats and drinks without breaking the bank. Head over to your nearest Taco Bell outlet between 2 to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays to take advantage of the special deals. But be sure to dine-in or order take-out to qualify for the promotions.


Taco Bell Happy Hour On Weekends Near Me

Locating Taco Bell’s Happy Hour on weekends nearby adds an extra layer of excitement to your weekend plans. With discounted prices on a variety of menu items, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself without stretching your budget. Whether it’s Saturday brunch or a lazy Sunday afternoon snack, finding a Taco Bell offering Happy Hour specials nearby ensures you can enjoy your favourite tacos, burritos, and beverages at unbeatable prices. Check your local Taco Bell’s schedule and plan your weekend adventures around this special time to savour the joy of great food and fantastic deals with friends and family.

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